Thursday, September 30, 2010

DSS Blogue Radio Frothcast #2

The 2nd of Many DSS BLOGUE RADIO Shows!
It's the end of summer but it's 113 degrees in LA, what's a frother to do? Don't know about you but I dipped my balls in ice, drank a few coldies, and out came this radio show! 55 Minutes of pure froth guaranteed to get you frothin or mothin in more ways than one! Featuring bands/djs like JUSTICE, The Arcade Fire, Scissor Sisters, Dr. Dre, and many many more, this show has got anything you could ever need (except for an asian/blonde threesome, next time?). So sit back, press play, and watch as your heart races to Da Sounds of SAHlence!

02 DSS BLOGUE RADIO PODCAST #2 by Da Sounds of SAHlence

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